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Gallery showing of my work at
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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website!

On the left are buttons (to click on) that will take you to the various photo
galleries within my website. The buttons above this (same buttons on every
page within this site) take you to pages that inform you about me, my work
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Any of my photographs may be used for personal, advertising or commercial
use and can be printed on a variety of papers/surfaces/products or as a digital

Commercially, I love photographing you (people), which includes of course
headshots/portraits, weddings, parties or corporate events. If you have a
product I would love to photograph that for you as well. I often photograph
artwork for artists for their on-line needs. I also photograph residential homes
for realtors and interior designers and entire buildings for contractors or
building/store owners.

The photographs contained within this website are a fraction of what is in my
vast inventory of stock, so if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for,
please ask.

I am working on building a new website as this one built in 2008 is not quite
as I would like it now, so stay tuned! In fact, by signing up for my monthly
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Blessings, and enjoy what interests you here!