Photograph of a frost pattern on window resembling feathers
"Ice feathers"
frost pattern on frozen window
Ice Bouquet #2 - frost pattern on window
"Ice bouquet #2"
frost pattern on frozen window
Ice Bouquet - frost pattern on window
"Ice bouquet"
frost pattern on frozen window
Photograph of a green convergence of ferns forming an abstract image
Fireworks abstract #2
Fireworks abstract #1
"Fireworks abstract #1"
"Fireworks abstract #2"
"Fern Fantasy"
Inspiration - blue sky and white clouds with the sun and rays in the corner
Pattern on a Pond - lily pads
Pattern on a Pond #2 - exotic species of lily pads
Interdimensional Worlds - water, sky reflection and flowers
"Pattern on a pond"
lily pads
"Pattern on a pond #2"
lily pads
"Interdimensional Worlds"
Azurite and Malachite - blue and green mineral abstract
"Azurite & Malachite"
Reed Abstract - reeds with setting sun shining through
"Reed abstract"
Photograph - Petrified Abstract - closeup of petrified wood
"Petrified abstract"
close-up detail of petrified wood
Amaryllis Brilliant - abstract closeup of white with green amaryllis flower
"Amaryllis Abstractus"
Fireworks abstract #3
"Fireworks abstract #3"
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A Dandelion? - white abstract fireworks
Underwater weird flower? - red abstract fireworks
Starburst - red and white abstract fireworks
Underwater Creature? - red and white abstract fireworks
Outer Space - abstract fireworks
Psychedelic Dandelion - multi-colored fireworks
Fantasy Flower - abstract fireworks
Psychedelic Dandelion #2 - multi-colored abstract fireworks
Fire Flower - red abstract fireworks
Cosmic Rays - abstract fireworks
Explosion! - abstract fireworks
Optical Delusion - abstract fireworks
Feather Sparks - abstract fireworks
Below are fireworks photographs which I made 'abstract' in-camera - none are Photoshopped.
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Abstractions are abstract photographs I find in nature or otherwise.  Some of the images here are simply patterns in nature, but others are difficult to
define exactly.  None of these photos are "Photoshopped."  Between textures, patterns or in-camera manipulation of the fireworks at the bottom of this
page, I see ordinary subjects become "abstract" art.  If you like these, you'll love my "
Uncategorical Photos I Love" page too, especially since there are
some 'cross-over' images between these pages.
"A Dandelion?"
"Underwater weird flower?"
"Underwater creature?"
"Outer Space"
"Psychedelic Dandelion"
"Fantasy Flower"
"Psychedelic  Dandelion #2"
"Fire flower"
"Cosmic rays"
"Optical delusion"
"Feather sparks"
Icicle, shadows and footprints - shadows from tree on snow with animal footprints and icicle in foreground
"Icicle, shadows and footprints"
Night Blooming Cereus Detail - white tropical flower closeup
"Night Blooming Cereus detail"
Shroom Caps - golden round mushroom caps
"Shroom Caps"
"Subtle Waves"
Tulip Petal Detail
"Tulip Petal detail"
Tulip Petal Detail #2
"Tulip Petal detail #2'
Night Blooming Cereus Detail #2 - white tropical exotic flower detail
"Night Blooming Cereus detail 2"
Abstract photography of Kurt Shaffer Photographs Abstractions
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""Iris Petal Abstract"
"October Cattails"
"Bed of baby tears"
(the actual plant name)
Gold and yellow autumn colors reflected in river
"Liquid Gold #2'
Autumn color reflection
Photograph of a red amaryllis flower abstractly composed
"Red Amaryllis Abstractus"
"Quartz macro #3"
"Quartz macro #1"
"Quartz macro #5"
Closeup inside photograph of a clear quartz crystal
"Skimming Gull"
(irregular size)
"A stream in the Sun"
"Cloudy Water"
Beautiful abstractly symetrical wave patterns in the beach sand in Malibu, California
"Wave Patterns"
"Wave Patterns #2"
"Wave Patterns #3"
"Wave Patterns #5"
"Wave Patterns #6"
"Wave Patterns #7"
Photograph of intricately symetrical patterns in sand from the waves with three bird footprints across the top fo the sand taken in Malibu, Californai
"Wave Patterns and Footprints"
Photograph of a white with green center amaryllis flower backlit with the sun, the sun peaking between petals with sun rays streaming down abstractly composed
"Amaryllis in the Sun"
photograph of drift wood tree trunks and roots forming an abstract image
"Drift Wood"
Photograph of ice crystals on wood in the sun forming an abstract image
Ice crystals on wood
Abstract photograph of a beautiful Japanese Maple tree in early Spring showing branches against the sky
"Japanese Maple Abstract 2"
Abstract photograph of a large Japanese Maple Tree from below against the sky in early Spring.
"Japanese Maple Abstract"
Abstract photograph of a Japanese Maple Tree in the Fall / Autumn
"Autumn Japnese Maple Abstract"
"Autumn Japnese Maple Abstract 2"
Abstract photograph of the top of a closed pink tulip
"Pink Tulip Abstract"
Abstract close up macro photograph of the side of a closed pink tulip
"Pink Tulip Abstract 2"
Abstract photograph of a white with red-edged amaryllis
A lot of these can be hung vertically, so think about that!
"Amaryllis Abstract"
Abstract close-up macro photograph of the side of a yellow tulip with red edged petals
"Yellow Tulip Abstract"