Cheetah lying on the grass
Tiger lying posing beautifully for the camera
Cute white poodle portrait
Tan pug funny photo with tounge out
Kodiak bear sitting and holding rear feel facing directly at me
Male and female lion looking directly into the camera
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy photo portrait
Seagul flying in the Gulf of Mexico off of Gulf Shores, Alabama
Donkey baying
Giraffe with long tounge out of its mouth
Camel with mouth open appearing to be laughing
Funny golden retriever and white and black kitten playing
Long haired calico cat licking herself
goldfish with mouth open appearing to be saying 'oooh'
Newborn Dalmatian puppy
Otter looking directly into the camera
Beautiful peacock standing on a wall with full plummage draped behind
Goldfish portrait with black colored marking on mouth appearing to be frowning
White cat posing in a store front window with stuffed rabbits
Beautiful pair of white swans swimming together
Cooper's Hawk sitting in tree
Three week old kitten portrait
white egret taking off in flight in Taiwan
photograph of a cat watching a swallowtail butterfly on a flower
Calico cat splayed out on its back with a funny look in its eyes playing
Orange and white cat seemnig to be winking at me
Tan Chihuahua portrait
Beautiful cat portrait
Carin Terrier portrait of one black and one tan
Cute Carin Terrier portrait
"Cleveland Tiger"
"Cleveland Cheetah"
"It's a Pug's Life"
"Dinner time"
Cleveland Zoo
"Yoga Bear"
Cleveland Zoo
"Gulf gull in flight"
Gulf Shores, Alabama
"Gracie one &                               two"
Cleveland Zoo
"Laughing Camel"
Cleveland Zoo
"Say ahhh"
Linus and Lucy
"Mama Kitty's cleaning"
"My what big eyes you have"
"Newborn Dalmatian"
Akron, Ohio Zoo
"Storefront Kitty"
Cleveland Zoo
"Sad goldfish'
"Three weeks cute"
"Paired for life"
"Zipper and the butterfly"
"Zipper being herself"
"Taiwan egret"
"You got that right!"
"Mama Kitty"
"Molly & Darby"
A dalmatian and a cat looknig out through porch railing
"Blazer & Zipper"
"Laughing Donkey"
Black cat with yellow eyes portrait
Red Tailed Hawk in tree
Red Tailed Hawk flying onto tree branch showing the back view of the bird
Red Tail Hawk
above and below
Blowfish looknig directly into camera appearing to be smiling
"Happy Blowfish"
Your pet(s) are part of your family so why not get just as good of photos of them as you would for yourself?  Animals of all kinds
seem to love me as much as I love them and therefore enjoy posing for me!  There is hardly any "pet" I have not lived with at one
time or another be it a dog, cat, horse, bird or reptile (all of them!)!  I have infinite patience in which to calm them and photograph
them and as you can see, the results speak for themselves.
Perigrin Falcon sitting on branch of tree in heavy snow
All rights reserved.  All photos copyright Kurt Shaffer
Perigrine Falcon
Photography of Kurt Shaffer Photographs Animals of all kinds
black and gold fish
photo of clown fish in aquarium
Two goldfish swimming in an aquarium
White with gold on its head gold fish
bright yellow angelfish
"Black & Goldfish"
"Two Goldfish"
"White and Goldfish"
Yellow Angelfish
The seven dogs above were photographed at a benefit for the Cleveland Animal Protective League
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Hawk flying against a blue sky
"Soaring Hawk"
Yellow angelfish staring directly into the camera - funny photo
"Yeah, I'm lookin' at you"
Angelfish swimming
"Swimming along..."
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goldfish coy in pond swimming
"Gold Coy"
gold coy fish swimming
"Gold Coy #2"
beautiful photo of gold coy fish swimming
"Gold Coy #3"
Black Labrador puppy sitting in field of daisys
"Black Lab Puppy in a Field"
Goose with six new chicks swimming
"Mother Goose"
Perigrine Falcon
Portrait photograph of a Snowshoe cat
"Coco Chanel"
photograph of a unknown salt water tropical fish blue with yellow fins outlined in black staring right at me!
"Unknown Tropical Fish"
Side photograph of a brilliant blue discus fish
"Blue Discus Fish"
Photograph of a yellow-white discuss fish
"Yellow Discus Fish"
close-up photograph of a yellow and orange discuss fish
"Yellow-Orange Discus Fish'
photograph of a beautiful orange, yellow, pale green and blue discus fish
"Beautiful Discus Fish"
photograph of two discus fish one blue and one orange yellow
"Two Delightful Discus Fish"
"Two Discus Fish"