Pricing for Custom 5x7 folded Cards
Any photograph you see on this website can be made into a custom greeting card.
These will be professionally printed (not a photograph glued to a card).
And by custom, I mean I print your own greeting on front or inside (or both) of the card.
I will be happy to help you with a clever greeting if you like.  All cards are approved by
you before printing.

Prices are:  
1-20 ...     $3.00 ea
21-50 ...   $2.75 ea
51-100 ... $2.50 ea
101-200 ...$2.00 ea
201+ ...    $1.50 ea

Want a custom card using
your photograph?  I can do that!  I am also happy to come to
you and photograph you, your family, pet, home, or business and make that photo into a
custom card.  Pricing is based on job and distance for photo shoot, but is very reasonable.


Photography of Kurt Shaffer Photographs Christmas & Holidays
serene winter snow field and pasture with barn in the background
Christmas Cactus
"A Christmas Evening"
Candy Cane Christmas Tree #2
Candy Cane Christmas Tree #3
Candy Cane Christmas Tree #1
Christmas, Michigan
Christmas Tree ornament study #1
Christmas Tree ornament study #2
"A tough night"
"Lone Christmas Tree"
Christmas in Cleveland #2
"Die-hard Fisherman"
The Rocky River, Rocky River, Ohio
"Ice Forest"
(frost pattern on window)
"Ice Bouquet"
(frost pattern on window)
"Ice Feathers"
(frost pattern on window)
"Frosty Pines"
"Frost Pattern 3"
(frost on window - this one with Photoshop effect)
Hemlock Pine Cones
Old Stone Church at Christmas
time on Public Square, Cleveland,
The Old Arcade at Christmas
Cleveland, Ohio
Christmas in Cleveland
(Terminal Tower)
Holly in Snow
"Rocky River Winter #2"
Rocky River Reservation, Northeast Ohio
Geauga County, Ohio
Red & White Pointsetias
Red Pointsetia
Tri-color Pointsetias
Rocky River Winter
Rocky River Reservation, Ohio
"STOP the Snow!"
Rocky River Reservation, Ohio
"Tiny Snowman & Snowdog"
"Happy Snowman"
All rights reserved.  All photos copyright Kurt Shaffer
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Information below...
This page speaks for itself!  Christmas or December holiday-themed photographs that make great prints and greeting cards.  Some are
serious and some are humorous ... and coupled with text on the outside and/or inside of the card can make for a fine-art holiday card people
won't want to throw out!  These cards are suitable for framing and/or enlarging to hang on your wall during the holidays.  I am very good at
helping you come up with great sayings for the cards, so please ask me for my help if you "get stuck" in thinking of what to say.  
"Buy Now" PayPal buttons are for ordering a print - one size only - 14x20 for the rectangular photos or 14x16 for
the more square photos (all printed on canvas and gallery wrapped).  Price is the same for all:  $70.00 plus $15.00
shipping charge.  If another size is desired, please contact me and I can easily accommodate you!   Pricing and
sizes are on this page:
 Services & Pricing
Public Square Christmas Lighting
"Christmas Goose"
peaceful winter snowy photograph of a pond and trees
"Snowy Pond"