Alien Orchid - strange looking orchid flower
Cosmos Bee - pink cosmos flower closeup with honey bee in center
Hypnotic Yellow Rose - closeup of beautiful yellow rose
Gardenia Perfecta - white gardenia flower
Magnolia Raindrop - closeup of pink magnolia bloom wih single raindrop inside
Amaryllis detail - side angle closeup of white amaryllis flower
Malibu Daisy - a single purple daisy against a green background
Photograph os a Perfect Peony - white with touch of red peony flower
Night Goddess - night blooming cereus flower backlit at night
Pink Perfection - beautiful and perfect pink rose
Waves of Pinkness - beautiful pink rose closeup
"Alien Orchid"
"Cosmos Bee"
"Hypnotic Yellow Rose"
"Floating Orchids"
"Gardenia Perfecta"
"Gardenia Divine"
"Magnolia Raindrop"
"Amaryllis Detail"
"Malibu Daisy"
"Perfect Peony"
"Night Goddess"
(Night Blooming Cereus)
"Night Angel"
(Night Blooming Cereus)
"Night Trio"
(Night Blooming Cereus)
Purple Cone Flower
"Pink Perfection"
"Waves of Pinkness"
Yellow Gerber Daisy - closeup
Pink Gerber Daisy - closeup
Yellow Gerber Daisy
Pink Gerber Daisy
Pink Trillium - beautiful pink and white trillium flower
Pink Trillium
Spider Orchid - white orchid flower
Spider Orchid
"Into the Hibiscus"
"Alice's Wonderland"
"No Vacancy"
"It's a Small World"
Pink Dogwood - looking up a blue sky through a pink flowering dogwood tree
"Pink Goddess"
Pink Dogwood
"Delicate Perfection"
Four Night Blooming Cereus - exotic tropical flowers blooming at night
"Four Night Blooming Cereus"
as it appears in the 2009
coffee table book
Secret Garden
"Tulips on Fire!"
Twin Most Beautiful Orchids - white and purple with green center orchid flowers
"Twin Most Beautiful Orchids"
Psychedelic Orchid - multi-colored orchid
"Psychedelic Orchid"
photograph of Perfect Purple Orchid
"Perfect Purple Orchid"
All rights reserved.  All photos copyright Kurt Shaffer
Beauty Spiral - perfect red rose spiral opening up
"Beauty Spiral"
Cosmic Cana - a closeup of a yellow and orange spotted cana flower
"Cosmic Cana"
Coxcomb - photo of very large red coxcomb flower
Daffodil Hill - hillside full of daffodils in Cleveland's Lakeview Cemetary
"Daffodil Hill"
Healing - purple iris against green background
Lace cap hydrangea flower
Lace cap hydrangea
Tulip on Fire - closeup of yellow and red tulip flower
"Tulip on Fire"
Tuber Rose - a pair of beautiful pure white tuber roses
Tuber Rose
Night Trio - three night blooming cereus flowers
Night Angel - night blooming cereus flower backlit softly
Gardenia Divine - perfect beautiful white gardenia flower
Tulips on Fire! - yellow and red tinged tulips
Alice's Wonderland - tiny white cluster of mushrooms
It's a small world - three tall mushrooms photographed from groun level
No Vacancy - group of tight yellow brown mushrooms
Underneath - photo of the underside of a mushroom detail
photograph of Floatnig Orchids - purple orchids against black background
Pink Goddess - perfect pink hibiscus flower
Into the Hibiscus - closeup of brilliant red hibiscus flower
Purple Cone Flower - close up of purple cone flower
Delicate perfection - dainty white cluster of flowers
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Sam's Sunflower - single brilliant sunflower against a black background
Exotic Lilys - beautiful multi-colored lily pads with purple flowers against black water
"Exotic Lilys"
"Sam's Sunflower"
Stretched canvas print framed.
Kurt Shaffer Photographs Peeking Pansies on Canvas in bedroom
Stretched canvas print
And mushrooms too!
Colorful flowers, trees and mushrooms - separate and in gardens grace this page.  I love growing and photographing flowers and plants of
all kinds.  Many of these flowers and plants are grown by me and my favorite and most unique is the Night Blooming Cereus.  Every time
this plant blooms it is an event!  As a gardener and photographer, I believe in photographing the flower while it is growing
on the plant.  I feel
the complete and total beauty of the flower is "rooted" in its host plant and the earth which I feel translates to film an "energy" if you will that is
lost in cutting the flower and moving it to a studio.  

I offer all these photographs printed on high-quality photo paper, the much popular canvas, as greeting cards or a digital file download.  I
hope you love the color and vibrancy of these photos as much as I do!  Thank you so much for visiting.  Enjoy!
Photography of Kurt Shaffer Photographs Flowers, trees and mushrooms  page
American Beauty - perfect classic photo of red American Beauty rose
"American Beauty"
Peeking Pansies - three purple and black pansie flowers peeking out from hosta leaves
"Peeking Pansies"
"Buy Now" PayPal buttons are for ordering one size only - 14x20 for the rectangular
photos or 14x16 for the more square photos (all printed on canvas and gallery wrapped).  
Price is the same for all:  $70.00 plus $15.00 shipping charge.  Other print options are
available on
Services & Pricing page.
The Colors of Spring - white apple tree blossoms with pink and yellow bushes
"The Colors of Spring"
I Love Tulips - multi-colored spring tulips
"I Love Tulips!"
Pink Dogwood Flower - single pink and white dogwood tree flower against green background
"Pink Dogwood Flower"
Spring Apple Blossoms
"Spring Apple Blossoms"
Spring Bloom - white applie tree blossoms with pink azalea and yellow forsythia bushes
"Spring Bloom"
Shroom Caps - beautiful golden brown round mushroom caps
"Shroom Caps"
Bird of Paradise - flower photograph
Bird of Paradise
On a rotting log - coral fungi white
"On a Rotting Log"
Coral Fungi
Early Morning Rose - beautiful peach colored rose with dew drops
"Early Morning Rose"
Perfection in Peach - two peach colored roses
"Perfection in Peach"
Exotic Cactus Flower - yellow and white cactus flower
Little Red Cactus Flower
Night Blooming Cereus and Buds - white tropical flower and buds at night
Pink Peonie in a vase #3 - beautiful painted ceramic vase with pink peonies
Pink Peonies in a Vase #2
Pink Peonies in a Vase
Plumeria detail - closeup of beautiful yellow Hawaiian plumeria flower
Plumeria and bud - Hawaiian plumeria flower and bud
Plumeria - Hawaiian Plumeria flower
Red Cactus Flower - closeup of red cactus flower
Susie's Apple Blossom - white spring apple blossom closeup with sidewalk path
Night Blooming Cereus & Buds
"Exotic Cactus Flower"
"Susie's Apple Blossoms"
"Pink Peonies in a Vase #3"
"Pink Peonies in a Vase #2"
"Pink Peonies in a Vase"
"Plumeria Detail"
Plumeria & Bud
Hawaiian Plumeria
"Little Red Cactus Flower"
"Red Cactus Flower"
"Happy Gerbers"
"Underneath #2"
"Underneath #3"
"Underneath #4"
Cutting garden flowers
Beautiful cutting garden in bloom
Beautiful cutting garden flowers
"Lovely Garden 152"
"Lovely Garden 151"
"Lovely Garden 149"
"Lovely Garden 158"
Mixed colorful garden flowers
Lilys and other garden flowers growing
"Lovely Garden 160"
Multi-colored garden flowers
"Lovely Garden 168"
Lovely garden flowers
"Lovely Garden 173"
Lovely floral cutting garden
"Lovely Garden 175"
Fabulous colorful garden
"Lovely Garden 180"
Orange and red lilys and flowers growing
"Lovely Garden 183"
Pink lillys growing
"Lovely Lilys 161"
White Lilys and yellow flowers growing
"Lovely Lilys 164"
Pink and yellow lilys growing
"Lovely Lilys 184"
Multi colored lilys and flowers growing
"Lovely Lilys 185"
Pink yellow and orange lillys grownig
"Lovely Lilys 186"
Pink lilys and flowers
Inside of a white with green center amaryillis flower
"Amaryllis Abstractus" cropped vertically, printed
on canvas with frame approximately five feet
Amaryllis Brilliant - abstract closeup of white with green amaryllis flower
"Amaryllis Abstractus"
A pair of beautiful textured yellow hibiscus flowers with red centers
"Sunburst Hibiscus"
"Aries Full Moon Bloom"
phtoograph of several pink and white dogwood flowers on a branch
"Dogwood blooms"
photograph of muli-colored blooming tulip flowers
"Multi-colored Tulips"
closeup photograph of a purple blue crocus flower showing stamen or saffron
"Unidentified Purple"
"Red Amaryllis Abstractus"
"Mushroom Tree"
close up photograph of a pink red dahlia
close up photograph of a red dahlia flower
"Forest Gem"
"Dahlia Opening"
"Dahlia Opening #2"
photograph of a pink dahlia flower
"Pink Dahlia #2"
photograph of tea cup roses blooming in the sun
"Pink Roses"
photograph of pink tulip flowers in bloom
photograph of yellow tulips in bloom
"Pink Tulips"
"Red Dahlia"
"Soft Yellow Tulips"
photograph of a pink and red tree peonie
photograph of pink tulips and one red tulip blooming in a garden
photogarph os red, pink and yellow tulips blooming
photograph of white blooming tree
"Tree Peony"
"Tulip Splendor"
"Tulips Gone Wild"
"Tulips Gone Wild"
"Zen Spring"
"Daffodil Hill #2"
Photograph of white shasta daisys
Purple Cone Flowers
Redbud and Dogwood
"Sunset Hibiscus"
"Standout Daisy"
Beautiful photograph of a red dahlia flower
Photograph of a beautiful white gardenia flower
"Lovely Gardenia"
Lots of abstract flower photographs on my "Abstractions" page!
photograph of Cleveland's Lakeview Cemetary's daffodil hill in full bloom
"Daffodil Hill 3"
photograph of tiny red orchid with one white petal with red dots
Lots of abstract flower photographs on my "Abstractions" page especially tulips!
"Little Red Orchid"
photograph of pale blue morning glory with rain drops
"Morning Glory Rain Drops"