photograph of a fuzzy white caterpillar with a red head and large black fuzzy antennae
beautiful photograph of a Zebra tropical butterfly resting on a green leaf
photograph of a type of postman tropical butterfly, black with orange markings and white spots taking flight off of a small red tropical flower
photograph of an owl-eyed butterfly resting on a branch
Owl-eyed butterfly
"Grace, Beauty and Transformation"
"Butter fly"
Zebra butterfly
photograph of a Monarch butterfly in a field feeding on purple thistle flowers
"Monarch Thistle"
photograph of a cat watching a swallowtail butterfly feeding on a purple flower
"Zipper and the Butterfly"
photograph of honey bees on a purple thistle. The bees show large polen collecting on their legs
Blue Morpho butterfly
"Thistle Bees"
"To Catch a Hummingbird"
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"You lookin' at me?"
Garden visitors:  Photographs of what flowers and gardens attract:  Hummingbirds, Butterflies, Bees, Caterpillars, etc.  
Many of these were photographed in my own garden and backyard ... others like the tropical butterflies were photographed
in Cleveland's fantastic Botanical Garden's Costa Rican Cloud Forest.  

I offer all these photographs printed on high-quality photo paper, the much popular canvas, as greeting cards or a digital
file download
. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!
photograph of a Postman tropical butterfly black with red markings and little white spots on the edge of its wings
Postman Butterfly
All rights reserved.  All photos copyright Kurt Shaffer
photograph of a Blue Morpho tropical butterfly resting on green leaf
Blue Morpho #2
Blue Morpho #3
photograph of two black and white tropical butterflies, one resting on a green leaf and the other flying above it.
photograph of a tropical butterfly black with white and red spotting on the edge of its wings
photograph of a cream-spotted tigerwing tropical butterfly black with red and white spotting
photograph of a Doris Longwing tropical butterfly black with red and white
"Butterfly Love?"
"Light as a Feather"
Cream-spotted Tigerwing
Doris Longwing
"To Catch a Hummingbird #2"
photograph of a Sara Longwing tropical butterfly black with white and grayish markings
Sara Longwing
Sara Longwing #2
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photos or 14x16 for the more square photos (all printed on canvas and gallery
wrapped).  Price is the same for all:  $70.00 plus $15.00 shipping charge.  If another
size is desired, please contact me and I can easily accommodate you!   Pricing and
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The Photography of Kurt Shaffer Photographs Garden Visitors, hummingbirds, butterflies, bees and bugs
macro close-up of a dragonfly
Dragonfly resting on night blooming cereus flower bud
photograph of a dragonfly clinging to a night blooming cereus flower bud with open flower in background
photograph of a hummingbird feeding on lantana flower
Hummingbird in flight feeding on lantana flower
photograph os a Swallowtail butterfly on yellow lily flower
Swallowtail butterfly on purple butterfly bush flower
photograph of a tropical butterfly black and gray with stripes
Julia tropical butterfly all orange
(its real ID!)
"Wings of Light"
Unidentified Tropical Butterfly
"Lily Swallowtail"
"Tip Toe through the Flowers"
"Catching the Sun"
"Dragonfly Detail"
"Dragonfly on Night Blooming Cereus"
"Hummingbirds love Lantana!"
"Hungry Hummingbird"
photograph of a ruby-throated hummingbird getting nectar from a fuschia blossom
"Hummingbird in the Sun"