"A Grand Teton Vista"
"Cathedral Rock Angel"
Sedona, AZ
"A Tree of Life"
Mt. Shasta, CA
"Angel on the Grand Teton"
"Moon Rocks"
Arches National. Park, UT
"Early Morning at The Grand Canyon"
"Visitors from another galaxy"
Lenticular Cloud & Mt. Shasta, CA
"They're here..."
only cloud in the entire syk!  
Near Prescott, AZ
"Autumn Tetons"
Lenticular Cloud & Mt. Shasta, CA
"Intergalactic Conference"
Mt. Shasta, CA
"The Mighty Yellowstone"
Lower Falls, Yellowstone
National Park, MT
"On Top of the World"
Sunrise at The Grand Canyon
"Coyote Moon"
Cathedral Rock, Sedona, AZ
"Pike's Peak Sentinel"
Colorado Springs, CO
"Red Rock Crossing"
Sedona, AZ
"Can't fence 'em in"
Grand Teton Range, WY
"The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone #2"
"Sedona Vista"
"The Great Wall of Utah"
near Arches Nat'l. Park
"Backlit Dreamscape"
Mt. Shasta, CA
"From Kissing Camels to Pike's Peak"
Colorado Springs, CO
"Grand Canyon of Yellowstone"
"Yellowstone 'spa'"
Thermal pool in
Yellowstone National Park, MT
photograph of Mt. Shasta volcano in northern California, USA with lenticular clouds
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park
photograph of a California Redwood tree photographed from base directly upward
All rights reserved.  All photos copyright Kurt Shaffer
Grand Teton mountain vista as taken from across Jenny Lake - clear blue
Photo of the Grand Teton peak with wispy clouds around the top against blue sky
"Sedona Vista"  Sedona, Arizona
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The beauty contained in just about every corner of the United States is breathtaking.  The photos on this page are just a fraction of the
landscape photographs I have in my inventory.  I love to travel and simply cannot do it enough!  A lot of these photos, as the title of the page
indicates, are from the western U.S. including Arizona, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and California.  They depict varied landscapes
in all seasons:  Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.  Think of making really BIG prints of any of these for your home or office!

I offer all these photographs printed on high-quality photo paper, the much popular canvas, as greeting cards or a digital file download.
"Buy Now" PayPal buttons are for one size only which is 14x20 (some
images are odd shaped so dimensions will be different) for the
rectangular photos and 14x16 for the more square photos (all printed
on canvas and gallery wrapped).  Price is the same for all:  $70.00
plus $15.00 shipping charge.  Other print options are available on my
Services & Pricing page.
photograph of Monument Valley, Arizona - photo taken in the middle of the long stretch of highway with rock formations on the horizon
"Keep on truckin"
Monument Valley, Utah
photograph of Monument Valley red rock formations in the early light of morning
"Monument Valley"
Monument Valley rock formation
Monument Valley, UT
beautiful photograph of an unusual rock formation in the Utah desert with yellow flowering plants in the foreground
"Pillar in the desert"
Monument Valley, UT
Grand Canyon, Arizona, red colored rocks at sunset
"Into the Canyon"
The Grand Canyon
Rock formations near Sedona, Arizona
"Scene from Sedona"
Sedona, Arizona
photograph of serene and peaceful Oak Creek near Sedona, Arizona
"Oak Creek"
Sedona, Arizona
Yellow colored aspen trees of autumn in the Grand Teteon National Park
photograph of Mt. Shasta, California and lenticular clouds that look like UFO
photograph of dramatic rock formations in Utah's Arches National Park
photograph of stunning red rock formation in Utah's Arches National Park with the Moon overhead in a bright blue sky
photograph of green-forested hills near Prescot, Arizona, USA with one tiny white cloud and large yellow flowering Century Coastal Plant, Agave in the foreground... very unusual
photograph of Mt. Shasta volcano in California with lenticular clouds and blue sky
Grand Teton mountain range with split rail fence in foreground and blue sky
Mt. Shasta, California and lenticular clouds backlit by the sun
photograph of two people silhouetted  looknig out into The Grand Canyon at sunrise
Dramatic photo of The Grand Canyon in early morning light
photograph of Sedona, Arizona's Red Rock Crossing with moon rise
photograph of Sedona, Arizona's Red Rock Crossing and Oak Creek
photograph of Sedona, Arizona's Red Rock's with huge angel clouds
photograph of Yellowstone National Park and the lower falls
Sedona, Arizona red rocks vista
Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorada and Pikes Peak with Kissing Camel's rock formation
Pike's Peak moutain in background with old tree in foreground
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park
Hot spring thermal pool of Yellowstone National Park steaming
Me, Kurt Shaffer standing next to framed print of The Grand Canyon
The photography of Kurt Shaffer Photographs Landscapes of the Western United States
photograph of Mt. Shasta, California with lenticular cloud that looks like spaceship
"The Mothership Dock"
Lenticular Cloud & Mt. Shasta, California
photograph of Malibu Beach and Pacific Ocean with parent and child walking