photograph of Buttermilk Falls with ferns in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio
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"Fern Falls"
Buttermilk Falls, Cuyahoga Valley
National Park, Ohio
photograph of 60' tall waterfall falling on woman with outstretched arms in Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio
"Waterfall shower"
Hocking Hills, Ohio
(odd size)
Waterfall in Cleveland, Ohio's metroparks with yellow fall leaves on the ground
"Fall waterfall 2"
Cleveland, Ohio
"Blue Hen Falls"
Cuyahoga Valley Nat'l. Park, Ohio
photograph of Blue Hen Falls in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio
photograph of the Rocky River in the north Rocky River Reservation from Riverside Drive (200' from the river) with steamy fog in the valley
Birch alley Stan Heywet Hall Akron Ohio
Beautiful fall colored mountains in western Pennsylvania
"Like a bowl of Fruit Loops!"
East-central Pennsylvania
Water, rock and reflections of autumn leaves
"Zen Rock"
Cuyahoga Valley Nat'l. Park, Ohio
Beautiful shot of green trees with some turning red and a red-shirted person standiing in foreground
"Beginnings of Fall"
Rocky River Reservation, Ohio
People walking down long trail with yellow and gold autumn leaves
"An Autumn Walk"
Rocky River Reservation, Ohio
Winding trail through brilliant fall colored forest
"Autumn Path"
Cuyahoga Valley Nat'l. Park, Ohio
"Birch Alley"
Stan Hywet Hall, Akron, Ohio
"Rocky River Fog"
between Rocky River & Lakewood
Red and yellow fall forest in Ohio
"Fall Forest"
Northeast Ohio
Beautiful white swan swimming in red autumn tree reflection in pond
"Fall swan"
Hiram, Ohio
"Fall Lookout"
Rocky River Reservation, Ohio
Photo through fall colored trees onto pond with other trees reflected
"A Secret Pond"
Cuyahoga Valley Nat'l. Park, Ohio
"Chagrin River Autumn"
Near Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Beautiful fall scene of Rocky River Reservaion, Ohio with brilliantly colored autumn leaves
"Rocky River Reservation"
Chagrin River, Ohio on a bright autumn day
Red oak tree leaves with Rocky River below - Ohio
Boone, North Carolina Autumn Photograph
"Boone, North Carolina Autumn"
Major Road
Lake Erie's Huntington Beach State Park with two people in red picking up beach glass
"Beach Glass Hunting"
Huntington Beach, Bay Village, Ohio
photograph of waves and beach on the shores of Lake Erie
photograph of a lush green maple tree boughs over calm reflective water
"Huntington Beach, Ohio"
"Quiet Maple Reflection"
"Diehard fisherman"
Rocky River, Cleveland, Ohio
Geauga County, Ohio
"STOP the Snow!"
Rocky River Reservation, Cleveland, Ohio
"Rocky River Winter"
Cleveland, Ohio
"Rocky River Winte #2"
Rocky River Reservation, Cleveland, Ohio
photograph of a rainbow over Lake Erie and trees
"Great Lake Rainbow"
Fresh heavy snowfall forest with bright red stopsign in foreground
Winter snow scene featuring the Rocky River in Ohio
Beautiful and serene winter scene of rural Ohio with fence and barn
winter icy scene in the Rocky River State Park, Ohio
Man fishing in the Rocky River, Ohio during a snowstorm
Photo of a long stairway up a hill through yellow and gold fall trees
"Autumn Stairway"
Rocky River Reservation, Ohio
photograph of Sylvan Pond in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park with brilliant fall autumn colored trees
"Sylvan Pond Autumn"
Cuyahoga Valley Nat'l. Park, Ohio
winding stairs through yellow autumn forest hill
"Autumn Stairway"
Rocky River Reservation, Ohio
"Fall waterfall"
Cleveland, Ohio
Photo looking out over a pond through red fall trees out over The Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio
"Autumn in the Cuyahoga Valleyt"
Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio
yellow and red leaves in autumn forest
"Fall Forest #2"
Northeast Ohio
waterfall with yellow leaves
Fall walk across the bridge - Autumn in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park crossing a trail bridge
"Fall Walk Across the Bridge"
Kurt Shaffer Photographs on Canvas in home
"Fall Waterfall" and "Sedona Sunrise"
Printed on Canvas
All rights reserved.  All photos copyright Kurt Shaffer
"Autumn Overlook"
Northeast Ohio
"Autumn Rocky River"
Rocky River Reservation, Ohio
"Autumn Trail Head"
Northeast Ohio
"Fall Color Contrast"
"Fall Reflections #2"
Sylvan Pond, Cuyahoga Nat'l. Park
"Fall Reflections"
Sylvan Pond, Cuyahoga
Nat'l. Park
"Gloomy Late Winter"
"Hale Farm Chapel & Barn"
"Hale Farm Capel & Rays of Light'
photograph of white steepled church reflected in still waters of a pond at Hale Farm and Village, Ohio
"Hale Farm Chapel'
"Magic Along The Trail"
Art photograph looking through curly cattail reeds over still water in a pond with autumn colored trees on the far bank of the pond.
"October stillness"
Beautiful fall photograph of the Chagrin River near Chagrin Falls, Ohio
"Rocky River Reflections"
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The Photography of Kurt Shaffer Photographs Landscapes of Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania
My home since 1975, Ohio, and northeast Ohio (Cleveland's Cuyahoga County and neighboring Lake County) have offered me
surprisingly stunning and beautiful photographic opportunities in all seasons, especially Spring and Fall, but Fall or Autumn is
highlighted because of the vibrant color!  

can brag about its stellar green spaces indeed.  The Emerald Necklace is a continuous park and driveable parkway that
begins and ends west and east of greater Cleveland (at the Lake Erie shore) and connects to the south, forming a half-circle or
"necklace" if you will, of protected and beautiful park.  In addition to our Emerald Necklace are other separate Metro-Parks as well as
the Cuyahoga (Native American Indian word for 'crooked' - the name given to our main river ... and county) Valley National Park just to
the south of Cleveland less than 20 minutes.  We are all truly blessed here in northeast Ohio and I have the photographs to prove it!

I offer all these photographs printed on high-quality photo paper, the much popular canvas, as greeting cards or a digital file download.
"Rocky River Fog"  I live just 10 minutes from downtown Cleveland and this scene was taken accross the street from where I live.
photograph of a field of sunflowers with a red barn in the back ground in northeast Ohio Hiram
"Sunflower Farm"
"STOP the Snow #2"
photograph of a quiet seren winter forest scene in Ohio with snow falling
photograph of a brilliant crystal ice storm tree lit up by a bright sun with rays
photograph of a brilliant clear winter sunset with a beautiful ice storm covered tree illuminated by the sunset
"Winter Serenity"
"Winter Serenity #2"
"Crystal Tree in the Sun"
"Sunset on a Crystal Tree"
"Crystal Tree in the Streetlight"
"Autumn Heaven"
"Awesome Autumn Day"
photogarph of a beautiful fall woodland scene looking down a wooden bridge in northeast Ohio
"Safe Passage"
White tail deer in a vast grassy field on the shores of Lake Erie in the Mentor Headlands State Park with lighthouse in the background.
"Deer in the Grass"
Mentor Headlands State Park, OH
Brilliant sunlit Autumn trees photographed through a tunnel
A photograph of a multitude of mixed colorful Autumn trees, shrubs, plants and flowers
"Fall through the Tunnel"
"Autumn Study"
"Christmas Goose"
photograph of a small waterfall and a pool of still water in front of it reflecting.
"Waterfall Reflection"
"Autumn Japanese Maple Tree"
photograph of a Japanese Maple Tree during the golden fall autumn color shot from the ground up
photograph of yellow and green tree leaves framing part of a clear stream or river
"Early Fall by the River"
photograph of beautiful quiet winter day reflected in the still water of the beaver marsh in the cuyahoga valley national park.
"Quiet Winter Day"
Beaver Marsh near Howe Meadow
Cuyahoga Valley National Park
photograph of a winter snowy pond with tres reflected in the still water, snow streaks falling
photograph of a striking brilliant red and yellow sunset clouds through bare winter trees.
"Snowy Pond"
"Winter Sunset"