Clouds from 35,000 feet out of jet window over Pacific Ocean
One little cloud as phtoographed from jet plane high above the Pacific Ocean
photograph of a red painted door to a temple depicting a Chinese figure
photograph of ceiling art work of a hand holding a lotus flower at the Chung Tai Chan Monastery in Taiwan
Photograph of beautiful antique China plate floral pattern
Photograph of a golden Buddha in Taiwan
Etched glass hand offering to Buddha statue reflected in glass
Big gold happy Buddha statue in the Chung Tai Chan Monastery ni Taiwan
Chung Tai Chan Monastery in Taiwan - Buddha statue reflection with lotus flower glass etching on wall
The above cloud shots are from a jetliner window 35,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean.
"Taiwan temple door"
"Chasing tigers"
Temple carving, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
China plate pattern
"Hand & Lotus"
Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Taiwan
"Lotus Buddha"
Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Taiwan
"Offering to the  Buddha"
Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Taiwan
"Happy Buddha"
Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Taiwan
"Temple Buddha"
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
"Game Face"
Close-up photograph of a participant in a festival in Taiwan whose face is painted and has an ornate crown of jewels and feathers and fan.
Painted and costumed performers of festival ritual in Taiwan
photograph of Chinese writing engraved in gold on a jade tablet.
Chinese writing engraved in gold on jade
Stone carving of a nature scene from temple in Taiwan
Red lion statue with huge guard statue at Chung Tai Chan Monastery in Taiwan
Photograph os a painted dragon statue on top of temple in Taiwan
A night photograph of a crescent moon (with earth shine showing the full moon) and a lighted man-made star below it.
"New Moon over a Christmas 'star'"
"Temple Dragon"
"Temple guardian"
Chung Tai Chan
Monastery, Taiwan
"Birds & Tree"
Temple carving, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
"Buddha Hall"
Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Taiwan
"Three Buddhas"
Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Taiwan
"Engraved in Jade 2"
Eternal Golden Castle, Taiwan
"Engraved in Jade"
Eternal Golden Castle, Taiwan
"Beautiful and scary"
"Temple festival"
"Pacific clouds #1
"Pacific clouds #2"
"Pacific clouds #3"
"Pacific cloud"
Photograph of 100 kites of all colors flying on one string against bright blue sky
photograph of a bare tree dramatically silhouetted against a stormy sky
A five-hour time exposure of the night sky showing crystal clear star trails bordered by pine tree tops.
A four-hour time exposure photograph of the night sky showing star trails and with a geodesic home in the foreground.
"Star Trak"
A five-hour time exposure of the night
sky.  The earth's rotation created the
stars to streak.
"The Final Frontier"
same process as "Star Trak"
"100 Kites"
This is an older shot of the same
kite festival taken in 1998!
"Storm Tree"
"A healing moment" was not set up.  
My friend against the rock had a sore
tooth.  My other friend is attempting
to bring relief through energetic
healing.  I was climbing rocks taking
photos when I saw this.  The sun
helped create the fantastic "light
show" above and around the pair ...
is it the sun?
Two rock formations that appear to be faces of people talking to each other in Colorado
"Two rocks talking"
If you notice closely, these rocks are
right above my friends in the photo "A
healing moment"!  And you'll just have
to believe me when I tell you none of
this was planned!
Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan
The foreground infinity edge pool
at The Lalu Hotel actually runs
along a sidewalk (where I'm
standing) and overlooks the
misty/foggy lake.  Every eight feet
are dishes anchored in the pool
holding the yellow flowers.
All rights reserved.  All photos copyright Kurt Shaffer
These two photos were taken
in the same room.  The
Buddha statue is in the center
of the room (and is a
reflection in both photos) and
etched glass surrounds the
room on the walls.  The
etchings of the lotus and the
hand were just two of the
magnificent works of art here.
photograph of a golden happy Buddha with a huge statue of a three headed guard watching over at the Chung Tai Chan Monastery in Taiwan
"Happy Buddha's Protector"
Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Taiwan
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Photograph of a tranquil foggy misty day with yellow flower in a negative edge pool against Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan - very ethereal and Zen
26x40 on canvas
Miscellaneous photos I love ... not necessarily belonging to any other gallery of mine, so they end up here!  I am drawn to the unusual, the abstract and the
"uncategorizable."  I have an interest in spirituality and love the art of those masters who create statues, carvings and paintings of a spiritual nature.  But there's
more than that here on this page as you will see.  Clouds from a jetliner, 100 kites on one string (no Photoshop!), long exposure photography of the night sky,
China plate art, baskets of brightly colored vegetables and other interesting images.  There might be some 'cross-over' images between this page and my
Abstractions" webpage so if you like what you see here, please visit that gallery also.  

I offer all these photographs printed on high-quality photo paper, the much popular canvas, as greeting cards or a digital file download.
"A healing moment"
Garden of the Gods,
Photograph of Lake Erie Lighthouse on a frozen winter lake, Cleveland, Ohio
"Cleveland Winter Lighthouse"
Single yellow Ginko leaf backlit by the sun
"Ginko Leaf in the Sun"
"Ginko Leaf"
Red Japanese Maple leaves against a sunny sky
"Japanese Maple in the Sun"
Red brick home wiith huge bare tree shadow on it
"Tree House"
Lake Erie Light House at night, Lorain, Ohio
"Light House"
"Buy Now" PayPal buttons are for ordering one size only - 14x20 for the rectangular photos or 14x16 for the
more square photos (all printed on canvas and gallery wrapped).  Price is the same for all:  $70.00 plus $15.00
shipping charge.  Other print options are available on
Services & Pricing page.
Market basket of green peppers
"Basket of Green Peppers"
Market basket of black eggplant
"Basket of Eggplants"
Market baskets of different peppers and vegetables
"Mini Baskets of Joy"
Market basket of red peppers
"Not quite all red peppers"
photos of Market basket of yellow patty pan squash
"Patty Pan Squash"
Red Japanese Maple leaves line the path through Rockefeller Park Greenhouse grounds in Cleveland, Ohio
"Path at the Greenhouse"
Market basket of purple eggplant
"Purple Eggplants"
Large pile of pumpkins
"Wall of Pumpkins"
Market basket of orange and yellow peppers
"Basket of Orange Peppers"
Magnificent photograph of a Taiwanese festival performer bejeweled and painted against the ornate dragon carvings of the temple roof.
"Made in Taiwan"
Pile of U.S. money - $20's, $50's and $100 dollar bills
"Lenticular Peculiar"
Lenticular cloud, Mt. Shasta, CA
Photograph of a lenticular cloud that looks like a UFO!
Temple carving, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
photograph of brilliant red Japanese Maple leaves against the bright sky
"Japanese Maple in the Sun #2"
"Garden Gazing Globe"
Photograph taken in the middle of a rural road with freshly painted double yellow lines with brilliant yellow autumn colored trees.
Major Road
"Autumn Red Berries"
"Pool Shadows"
"Gaze into my eyes..."
"Berries Galore"
"Waiting to Thaw"
The Cuyahoga Valley Line train, Penninsula, Ohio
"The Cuyahoga Valley Line"
Photograph of looking out a high-rise window into the black night sky with a warm, low light on the blinds that enter the photo slightly from the right.
"Looking out the window"
photograph of the old black antique engine of the Cuyahoga Valley Line train with billowing black smoke
"The Cuyahoga Valley Line Antique Edition"
photograph of a ladybug on the nose of a cemetary statue's face of a woman - bright red against dark stone gray.
"There's a bug on your nose"
Photograph of one string of 70 multi-colored kites flying, trailing and disappearing into the sun.
"Kites to Heaven"
No, this was not Photoshopped!  None of my work is!  This was taken at a kite festival here in
Cleveland, Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie.  Seventy kites in all.
If you notice, the header above of this photograph has been reversed and I think I like that
version better... but you decide!  That's the only Photoshop 'trick' I've performed on this.
Autumn Japanese Maple Tree
Vertical photograph of a Japanese Maple tree with golden bronze autumn leaves producing a beautiful abstract.
Autumn Japanese Maple Tree 2
KurtShafferPhotographs Miscellaneous Photos I Love web page header showing the photograph:
photograph of the stained glass window, chandalier and large pipe organ (all in one photo) from inside Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio
photograph of a massive holding tank with curved stairs leading up to the top of the tank with the sun casting great shadows on the tank
"Tank Stairs"
"Trinity Cathedral"
photograph of a wall which is part of an old lock along the Ohio and Erie Canal that is cracked and ver interesting, reflected in the still waters that border it.
"Wall Mirror"