Photography of Kurt Shaffer Photographs Sunsets, skys, clouds, the moon and stars
Sunsets, sunrises, full moons, new moons, eclipses, long-exposure star-trails and beautiful skyscapes abound in this gallery.  
From the wide-open skies of the western United States to the Midwest, you'll find something you will love.  

I offer all these photographs printed on high-quality photo paper, the much popular canvas, as greeting cards or a digital file
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Perfect blue sky and dramatic clouds with the sun and it's rays shooting upward from behind the clouds
"The Light Divine"
Somewhere in central Indiana
Beautiful white puffy clouds against a blue sky
"Just nice clouds"
Sunshine behind storm cloud with edge of cloud brilliantly illuminated by sun
"Sun Etched Cloud"
Beautiful clouds made pink by the setting sun over Lake Erie
"Soft Sunset"
shores of Lake Erie
Brilliant and dramatic red colored clouds by the sunset in Arizona against a blue sky
"Sunset's Magic"
near Phoenix, AZ
A sunrise near Colorado Springs, Colorado with beautiful blue sky and pine tree in the left foreground
"Leo Rising"
near Colorado Springs, CO
Dramatic clouds made yellow and gold by the setting sun near Phoenix, Arizona USA
"Phoenix Sunset"
Beautiful yellow gold sunset over the Grand Teton mountains in Wyoming
"Teton Sunset"
Firey red sunset over the Grand Teton Mountain range in Wyoming made brilliant by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in the Phillipines in 1992
"Fire Sky"
Grand Teton Range
Late evening sunset of purple, red and blue over the Grand Teton mountain range in Wyoming
"Sunset Dream"
Grand Teton Range
Full Moon eclipse glowing with nearby clouds - moon is in the astrological sign of Taurus
"Lunar Eclipse in Taurus"
Star trails - leaving the camera shutter open for five hours that records the stars apparent movement from earth's rotation
"Star Trak"
A five-hour time exposure of the night
sky.  The earth's rotation created the
stars to streak during the time exposure.
Star trails from a long exposure recording earth's rotation and how the stars paint streaks of light on film with a dome home in the foreground
"The Final Frontier"
Dome home in Huron, Michigan
Moon in pink and blue sky of sunrise
"Sunset Moon"
Dramatic sunrise with Sedona, Arizona's Red Rock Crossing silhouetted in the foreground.
"Sedona Sunrise"
Mt. Adams volcano in Oregon dramatically backlit by a beautiful sunset
"Volcano Silhouette"
Mt. Adams, Oregon
Sedona, Arizona's Red Rock Crossing backlit by a dramatic sunrise.
"Sedona Sunrise #2"
A beautiful sunrise at Sunset Beach, South Carolina
"Sunset Sunrise"
Sunrise at Sunset Beach,
South Carolina
Beautiful sunrise from Kelley's Island in Lake Erie
"Kelley's Sunrise"
Kelly's Island, Ohio
A beautiful sunrise over Lake Erie
"Serene Sunrise"
Lake Erie, Cleveland, Ohio
New Moon sliiver against a pink colored sky of sunrise
"New Moon Sunrise"
Dramatic sunset over Lake Erie with the red of the sun shining through and down on the water
"Beam me Up!"
Sunset on Lake Erie
Sunset over Lake Erie from Cleveland, Ohio with dramatic rays of light shooting upward
"Beautiful Rays"
Dramatic rays of sunlight shooting skyward from a setting sun over Lake Erie
"Beautiful Rays #2"
Tall beautiful cumulo nimbus clouds and a blue sky taken through a jet airliner window
"Clouds over Houston"
through the jet window
Sunset over a glass smooth Lake Erie with a pleasure boat moving through the sun's reflection
"Sunset Boating"
Lake Erie
Beautiful blue sky and white clouds with the sun and it's rays illuminating the scene from the corner of the photo
Ever so slight red spot of sun on the horizon of Lake Erie underneath heavy cloud cover
"Slice of Sunset"
Lake Erie
Lake Erie freighter caught exactly  in the sunset's reflection on the water
"Into the Sunset"
Lake Erie Freighter
A horizontal shot of the setting sun on a smooth Lake Erie with an ore freighter caught on the horizon lined up directly with the setting sun
"Into the Sunset #2"
Lake Erie Freighter
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Sunset in Arizona near Phoenix with beautiful blue sky and dramatic clouds
"Arizona Sunset"
"Sunset Rays of Hope"
Edgewater Park Sunset - dramatic sunset over Lake Erie west of Cleveland with Edgewater State Park's pier full of people
Spectacular Lake Erie Sunset
Sunset Rays of Hope - suns rays shinnig upward from a dramatic hole in the clouds
"Edgewater Park Sunset"
Edgewater State Park just west of
Cleveland, Ohio
"Spectacular Lake Erie Sunset"
Lake Erie Sunset and seagull flying right into the setting sun
"Flying into the Sunset"
Lake Erie
Beautiful sun rays shining down from clouds over Lake Erie, the Great Lakes
"Lake Erie Light Divine"
"Passing Storm"
Lake Erie
Passing rainstorm over Lake Erie backlit by setting sun
2011 Super Moon Rising
"2011 'Super' Moon Rising"
2011 Super moon rise on horizon with trees
"2011 'Super' Moon Rising #2"
2011 super full moon rise
"2011 'Super' Moon Rising #3"
2011 full moon rise over amasa stone chapel
"2011 'Super' Moon Rise over Amasa Stone Chaple"
full moon over church steeple through tree branches
"Full Moon Tower"
full moon and lighted church steeple reflected in water
"Full Moon Tower
2011 super full moon over amasa stone church cleveland ohio
"Full Moon over Amasa Stone
Chapel #2"
"Full Moon over Amasa Stone
Chapel #3"
"Serene Sunrise"
"Red Eclipse"
Photo of beautiful sunset over Lake Erie off the 9th Street Pier, Cleveland, Ohio with chain rail shadow in foreground.
"Golden Sunset"
East 9th St., Cleveland, Ohio
"Sunset Waters"
Untltled Sunset
Cleveland, Ohio
Photo of beautiful sunset over Lake Erie with shilouoette of grasses in foreground.
"Sunset Grasses"
Also, lots of lightning shots at sunset can be found on this page:
photograph of a brilliant Winter sunset of pink and gold coloring the clouds behind silhouetted trees
"Winter Sunset"