The Photography of Kurt Shaffer Photographs View of Cleveland, Ohio
Views of Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland Ohio skyline at sunset with Lake Erie
"Cleveland Aglow"
Cleveland, Ohio skyline with football and baseball stadiums lighted.
"Cleveland Lights Up!"
Browns and Indians both playing on Monday Night!
(irregular size)
"Cleveland Electric"
as published in the book:
Cleveland, Continuing the Renaissance
"On the Cuyahoga"
Photo at night of Jacobs Field (now Progressive Field) with downtown Cleveland, Ohio buildings behind.
"A Night at the Jake"
(now "Progressive Field" 2008)
The Gund Arena now called Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio at night with fireworks above and behind.
"A Winning Season for the Cavaliers"
"Celebrate the Bridges"
as published in the book:
Cleveland, Continuing the Renaissance
Fourth of July fireworks downtown Cleveland, Ohio plus fireworks at baseball stadium Jacob's Field (now Progressive Field)
"Dueling Fireworks"
4th of July city fireworks and Progressive
Field fireworks at the same time!
Downtown Cleveland, Ohio at night with low cloud cover lighted up green
"Erie Cleveland"
Quicken Loans Arena during 2007 Finals against San Antonio Spurs
NBA Finals @ The 'Q' 2007
Cavaliers vs The Spurs
Photo of LeBron James' Nike billboard and Cleveland, Ohio's city buildings with The Finals giant trophy in front of Quicken Loans Arena
Fireworks on Terminal Tower during Cleveland Orchestra performance Cleveland Ohio]
NBA Finals @ The 'Q' 2007 #2
Cavaliers vs The Spurs
The "5th" of July
Terminal Tower
The Old Stone Church @ Christmas
Cleveland's Public Square
The Old Arcade @ Christmas
(pre-restoration) as published
in the book:
Continuing the Renaissance

Cleveland, Ohio's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum during opening night
The Soldier's and Sailor's Monument on Cleveland, Ohio's Pulblic Square with fireworks behnid it
Photograph of the Navy Blue Angels flying over the skyline of Cleveland, Ohio
Lights and fireworks on Cleveland, Ohio's Terminal Tower during Cleveland Orchestra performance at Public Square
Cleveland Ohio the Flats during bicentennial lighted bridges festival
Jacobs Field Cleveland Ohio lighted during game at night
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum
Opening Night, September 2, 1995
The "5th" of July #2
Terminal Tower
"Blue Angels over Cleveland"
Jacobs Field
Home of the Cleveland Indians
(now "Progressive Field" 2008)
Soldier's & Sailor's
Public Square, Cleveland
Cleveland's Bicentennial in the Flats
as published in the book:
Cleveland, Continuing the Renaissance
Photograph of downtown Cleveland Ohio skyline at night with lightning bolt over the city
Downtown Cleveland Ohio from the Flats
Conrail Lift Bridge lighted and fireworks during Cleveland Ohio bicentennial
Photograph of Cleveland, Ohio's Old Stone Church as seen at night during Christmas with Public Square's Christmas lights
Photograph of The Old Arcade Cleveland, Ohio before it's restoration during Christmas
Photograph of the reflectnig pond of the Cleveland Museum of Art in Spring with flowering trees and the Amasa Stone Chaple in the background
Photograph of Cleveland Museum of Art reflecting pond in spring
Amasa Stone Chapel as seen from the
reflecting pond in front of the Cleveland
Museum of Art
Springtime at the reflecting pond.
Cleveland Museum of Art
Cleveland, Ohio, on the southern shore of Lake Erie is a beautiful and vibrant city of fantastic architecture, art, music, sports and fun.  
From some of the best fireworks displays in the world to the national air show and the most spectacular sunsets anywhere, Cleveland is
my home and would be a great destination for you!

I offer all these photographs printed on high-quality photo paper, the much popular canvas, as greeting cards or a digital file download.
The Cleveland we know and love!
All rights reserved.  All photos copyright Kurt Shaffer
City Hall, Cleveland Ohio at night
Cleveland City Hall
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Guardians of the Bridge - Hope Memorial Lorani Carnegi Bridge, Cleveland Ohio
photograph of downtown Cleveland during autumn from Edgewater Park
Guardian statue on Cleveland, Ohio's Lorain Carnegie Bridge with Terminal Tower in background
Downtown Cleveland, Ohio skyline on a bright sunny day from the Lorain Carnegie Bridge featuring the Cuyahoga River
Downtown Cleveland skyline on a sunny day with white clouds and rough lake waves from Lake Erie
"North Wind on Cleveland"
"Cleveland Autumn"
"Cleveland and The Cuyahoga"
"From Edgewater Park"
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Fireworks at the Terminal
Tower in Cleveland's Public
Square happen every year
after the Cleveland Orchestra
gives a brilliant free
performance celebrating our
countries independence.
Conrail lift bridge in Cleveland, Ohio's flats illuminated and with fireworks behind it
"Celebrate the Bridges #2"
4th of July fireworks Cleveland Ohio over Lake Erie
"4th of July"
Brilliant night shot of fireworks and Cleveland, Ohio skyline
"4th of July #2"
(irregular size)
"4th of July #3"
(irregular size)
"4th of July #4"
(irregular size)
"4th of July #5"
Cleveland, Ohio's skyline at night during bicentennial with fireworks in the flats
"Cleveland Bicentennial"
Photograph of rear night shot of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with ROCK spelled out in lights on building
"Christmas at Tower City"
Inside Tower City, Cleveland Ohio
"Summer at Tower City"
Cleveland at night from Detroit Superior Bridge
Photograph of West Side Market Cleveland Ohio
Cleveland at night from Detroit/Superior Bridge
(irregular size)
Cleveland's West Side Market
Downtown Cleveland from Lake Shore Bridge
Photograph of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Cleveland Ohio
"Induction Ceremony 2009"
Storm Cloud over Peter B. Lewis Bldg.
Tall Ship on Lake Erie
Downtown Cleveland, Ohio skyline and Lake Erie with tall ships and other boats sailing
Tall Ships on Lake Erie with other boats sailing into Cleveland, Ohio
Tall Ships
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(irregular size)
(irregular size)
(irregular size)
(irregular size)
Cumulo nimbus clouds over Mittal Steel steel mill Cleveland, Ohio
"Steel Mill Clouds"
Cleveland, OH
Photograph of busy industrial Cleveland, Ohio flats showing Cuyahoga River, ore boat, train and car bridges
"Busy Industrial Cleveland"
Below, The Guardians of the Hope (named after Bob Hope's father)
Memorial Bridge (aka The Lorain/Carnegie Bridge) are fantastic sculptures
that help make Cleveland so unique!
Photograph of the lighting of the Christmas lights on Cleveland's Public Square, Ohio
The Old Stone Church and Public Square's
annual Christmas lighting ceremony.
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"Christmas and Holiday Cards"
Thunderbirds in formation
Thunderbirds over Cleveland, Ohio
Thunderbirds in a dive with smoke trailing
"Four Thunderbirds"
Thunderbirds across the blue sky
"Thunderbirds in a Dive"
"Thunderbirds over Cleveland"
"Thunderbirds Across the Sky"
"Thunderbirds Straight Up!"
"Thunderbirds in a Dive #2"
Close up photograph of four Navy Blue Angels flying against and blue sky with cloud
"Four Blue Angels"
Photograph of Cleveland Browns' Stadium in Cleveland Ohio
"Cleveland Browns Stadium"
Photo of Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio with the Goodyear Blimp above.
"Progressive Field and the
Goodyear Blimp"
The Cleveland National Air Show
Five Blue Angels' jets soar straight up into a blue sky
"Into The Void"
The Blue Angels
"Into The Wild Blue Yonder"
The Blue Angels fly above
Cleveland, Ohio
"Four Blue Angels #2"
Photo of four Blue Angel jets in a rainbow of lens flare
"Caught in the Sunlight"
The Blue Angles
Little Italy Feast of the Assumption
celebration with fireworks
Little Italy's Feast of the
Assumption celebration and
the Holy Rosary Church
Cleveland Browns Football Stadium, in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio photograph
"Cleveland Browns Stadium 2"
Photograph of Cleveland City Skyline with the Cuyahoga River where Great Lakes ore boats load and offload gravel and ore
"Another one of Cleveland's Industries"
Photograph of Peter B. Lewis Building in Cleveland, Ohio part of Case Western Reserve University's Weatherhead School of Management designed by Frank O. Gehry architect
Peter B. Lewis Building
Case Western Weatherhead School of
Cleveland RNC Celebrates II
Cleveland from Voinovich Park
Cleveland Ohio, Tribe Town!
Cleveland night skyline
Cleveland at sunset, golden reflection
Cleveland from the West Bank
Cleveland's bridges and the Cuyahoga River
as it joins Lake Erie
Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio
Super Moon over Cleveland, November, 2016
Thunderbirds over Cleveland II
"Into the wild blue yonder"
Air Force Thunderbirds

New/recent Cleveland city shots below! 2016